At Rocket Science we are dedicated to improving the quality and performance of services for the public.  We have a particular commitment to helping disadvantaged individuals, families and communities enhance the quality of their lives.


We act as independent advisers, researchers, evaluators, facilitators, trainers and mediators. We specialise in welfare to work, learning and skills, economic development, partnership building, third sector development, social value and grant management.


We support organisations through change and help them clarify their purpose and focus – and we work with their clients to help them design the services they need.


Please get in touch to find out how we can help.


We are very sad to announce the death of our close friend and long standing Senior Associate David Pirnie who died peacefully at his home in the Scottish Highlands on Friday 7th March after a short illness.  David worked with us on a wide range of contracts since our foundation in 2001.  He was a world class consultant: thorough, professional, highly experienced and full of invaluable insights.  He made a huge effort to understand the exact needs of every client, he appreciated how important it was to get the process right as well at the output, and he ensured that his work led to sustainable change and improvement.  We learnt a lot from him and will miss him.